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Life With Brandon

Brandon was our yard companion. He was there for every barbeque. He would bark commands at me while I was cutting the grass. He grumbled at the snow blower when it would storm. He would carry on a conversation with Scarlette if she should happen to want to dry some laundry on the line outside or get some gardening done. He became a member of our family. He even made up sounds for our frequent visitors and knew each of them on sight. Whenever we went on a business trip or vacation, Kathy would gladly come over and feed him while we were gone. 

Some of you might have reacted to the snow blower comment above. Yes, he did stay in the cage all year! Where do you think crows stay? They really do not migrate that much. They stay near their birthplaces, in most cases.

We never saw fit to overly train him. We let him be a crow, even thought he was in captivity. Free crows would come and see him constantly. There was this "gathering" that Scarlette and I came to call the "Crow Union Meeting" or the "Crow Congress" which happened at least 3 times a year. What I could only estimate as about 500 crows would line the trees in our yard. The sound was astounding! Brandon would caw and the assembled multitude would answer him. This would go on for about 20 minutes, then they would fly off.


August 24, 2002

Email to Friends at 7:48 AM

Subject: Brandon the Crow

Those of you who are receiving this at least, to my recollection, know of Brandon Matthew Allen Poe, the crow who came to breakfast 9 years ago.

For the past week, he has been showing signs of slowing. This morning, his caw is just a whisper. They are only supposed to live for about 7 years, but the fact that he has had nothing but "pure" (non-road kill) food may have caused him to live a bit longer.

He is leaving us now and all we ask is that you all wish him a peaceful transition to the next life.


Email to Friends at 7:16 PM

Subject: Brandon Matthew Allen Poe...

...has flown home.



Brandon Matthew Allen Poe was buried in the wine gift crate that was his constant "nest box" throughout his life and his first permanent material possession.

Scarlette's memorial wreath to Brandon Matthew Allen Poe.
One of his actual left (the malformed wing) flight feathers is at the top.

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